September 15, 2015

Forward thinking Video Games

Recently, I worked on a project aiming to make a massive multiplayer game to help LGBT teens in isolated areas connect and relate to their peers going through the same thing. The basic premise is to help people who typically feel excluded to have a place to fit in. Players can fully customize their characters and have the opportunity to change genders or races at level ups to gain perspective. The game takes place in a futuristic super city where players go on quests to help improve the city. Gameplay is centered around elemental future-magic powered by a character’s wardrobe, accessories, and apartment decorations. I wanted to have “stylish” clothes that evoked elements without beating players over the head with obvious imagery. I stuck to basic geometry to make it seem more like a legitimate clothing line rather than a kitschy brand that printed flame icons on everything.

June 5, 2015

April 19, 2015

Before you talk to the chief, you must party with the chief!

We haven't used this blog in over 2 years. We should change that. So, I've updated the logo, fonts, colors, etc. and here's some Adventure Time Party Pat fan art! This was for a challenge on to create a realistic version of an adventure time character. Enjoy!

January 23, 2013

Nightmare Creatures

Greetings Internet,

So for this post, we're showing some illustrations of nightmares. Dave and Adam created pieces for deviantArt's Mama contest judged by Guillermo del Toro [director of Pan's Labyrinth] and the directors of the aforementioned movie Mama. The contest wanted entries depicting childhood nightmares, like something from a closet, attic, basement or from under the bed, and making it as creepy as possible. Dave's piece was selected as a semi-finalist. We're still waiting to see who wins. Yusef created a tribute piece to Dream from "The Sandman" comic.

"Something is in the Basement"

Here is my submission for the MAMA contest. I have always been afraid of sweet docile things becoming evil and twisted. Also, I have always found basements to be very eerily, they still creep me out.   
"Attic Nightmare"

This is my entry for the Mama contest. The attic has always been kind of a weird mysterious place that no one ventures into willingly. There's a reason why.

The Sandman
Graphite and color pencil

Dream or as he is rarely called Sandman is the king and embodiment of dreams and nightmares, from Neil Gaiman's comic series "The Sandman".

November 7, 2012

Ghost Town Speedpaint

For this challenge, I thought it'd be cool to do speed paintings, to challenge ourselves to get faster at painting while learning new techniques, trying our hands at different things, and improving in areas we aren't comfortable in. So for this one, we focused on painting a ghost town in 1 hour.




November 3, 2012

Adventure Time Game Jam

Here's some work done with a game design buddy for Fantastic Arcade 2012's 48 hour game making frenzy. We crafted a game from start to finish in 2 days with a hard stop at 48 hours. The result was Must Party Forever a game based on the "Power Animal" episode. We ended up winning second place out of 100 or so entries. We also formed an impromptu studio we call One and a Half Beards.

Stardrift Empires Nova

Hey, here's some new work I did for Stardrift Empires Nova at Blue Frog Gaming. Check it out sometime!